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Augenblick (literally “blink of an eye”)

Eyelash extension and  special techniques

We can create different looks by means of diverse lengths, strengths, colours and adhesive techniques. The eyelashes withstand, after a short drying phase, all daily burdens like sports, sauna or bathing. Eyelashes should be filled up every 3-4 weeks to ensure a constantly perfect appearance. Special care products help to prolong their durability and to protect their natural growth.


Schoolings and products

Since 2007 we are training lash stylists. They learn the method, further techniques, creation options with differents effects as well as the correct handling of our products.

The work around the eyes requires a great ability and sense of responsibility. The market is constantly growing and in need of well-trained lash stylists. After successfully finishing one of our schoolings you will get a grade which indicates your individual training level.

Franchise in the beauty sector

Augenblick – Die Wimpernbar® is a service company of the beauty sector. We offer professional eyelash extension and densification as well as permanent mascara. The company aims to act as a franchise.

Become a beauty franchise partner

By the end of June 2012 Augenblick – Die Wimpernbar® became a registered trademark in Germany. That was an important step for us. From then on we had the opportunity to share our concept with other business people. Now you can benefit from our know-how concerning lasting eyelash extensions and can hit the ground running as a franchise partner.

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