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The most gentle hair removal ever

Hala Schekar® – Hair removal with oriental sugar paste

Have you long been looking for a hair removal method that is long-lasting, as painless as possible, effective in all body regions while nurturing your skin?

Look no further: Sugaring – hair removal with sugar paste and enzymes is your solution. Simultaneously remove annoying hairs and roots and achieve an effective hair growth reduction.

The principle is very simple – the 100 % natural sugar paste is used to gently and effectively remove the hair using our unique hand technique. Afterwards treat the skin with the Hala Schekar® enzyme gel – that’s all!

After just a few applications, the sugaring with Hala Schekar® sugar paste and enzymes shows significant results!

Permanent hair growth reduction

However you call it: Hair removal with sugar paste, permanent hair removal, sugaring, reduction of hair growth by enzymes or simply hair removal: the Hala Schekar® system ensures velvety soft skin as sweet as sugar all over the bodies of both MEN and WOMEN – permanently!

The ancient Egyptians have already led the way – profit from their experience and the technological advancement of the Sugaring products by Hala Schekar®

You will be impressed …

The ancient Egyptians …

… cared for their bodies with products made from sugar. They used this method not only for cosmetic purposes, but also removed annoying body hair. They already knew about the caring and antiseptic properties of the sugar more than 5,000 years ago.

Much later, at war, when medication was rare, the sugar was used for wound healing and disinfection. The modern and technological development of the sugar paste nowadays allows for a wide range of treatment methods, from acne, to cellulite to perfect hair removal.

The oriental sugar paste is a 100 % natural product for hair removal consisting of sugar, water and lemon. The application of the sugar paste is uncomplicated and without side effects. You will quickly and effectively get a velvety soft, hairless skin. Ideal for all body regions of both MEN and WOMEN.

Velvety soft …

The advantages of sugar paste compared to conventional hair removal methods (eg wax):

Even very short hairs can be efficiently removed with the body-warm, water-soluble sugar paste. Since the hairs are removed in the direction of growth and the paste does not stick to the skin, the application is pleasant for the customer.

Hair breakage is a thing of the past.

The treatment with sugar paste is very economical and hygienic and does not leave any residue.

You get a healthy, velvety soft skin.

Trends …

Brazilian Waxing, Hollywood cut – there are many different styles of pubic hair removal. Complete depilation (permanent hair removal) is in fashion for both men and women.
For the undoubtedly most sensitive body region, the method of hair removal with sugar paste is the softest of all methods and it is ideal for all body parts and variations.

Try the hair removal with sugar paste – you and your customers will be delighted!

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