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Hala Schekar® Oriental Sugar Paste

The vision was to turn an ancient oriental formula for sugar paste into an innovative, gentle product for hair removal. The result is a system for permanent reduction of hair growth. It consists of sugar paste and enzymes and is particularly gentle. The products are natural but nevertheless highly effective and guarantee a gentle and effective hair removal.

The permanent hair growth reduction or long-lasting hair removal has been practiced in the meantime with the most diverse methods; eg. IPL, laser, wax, sugar paste, emery cloth or depilatory cream. All hair removal methods have advantages and disadvantages; Therefore you should inform yourself intensively and make a decision according to your taste.

We recommend the hair removal with Hala Schekar® sugar paste and enzymes, because this is the most natural and gentle way to remove annoying hair. The professional hair removal with Hala Schekar® sugar paste and enzymes gives you a perfect complexion, smooth and velvety soft.

Our spectrum of practical, long-term experience, the development of the products and the training system guarantees your success.

Sugaring – “Technique is everything”!

For many years, the company Hala Schekar® has been developing the best and most natural products for the unique method of hair removal with oriental sugar paste. But that is not all:  Hala Schekar® also offers highly qualified, competent training courses that include safety and professionalism.

Professional trainers are fully prepared for your needs during the seminars and will provide you with tips and tricks, so that you can master the special technique immediately after completion of the training.

In the meantime, you will find our representatives worldwide in the following countries: Germany, Italy, Brazil, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Czech Republic, Romania and Liechtenstein.

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