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DeLuxe Hair

Full hair for HIM and HER

DeLuxeHair hair growth serum

When suffering from hair loss and thinning hair, the DeLuxeHair ADVANCED hair growth serum helps men and women regain full, strong and healthy hair by stimulating hair follicles that are no longer or not yet active. Selected nutrients ensure a perfectly balanced treatment of the hair root. Colored and permed hair is also activated and strengthened by the serum.

DeLuxeHair HaarserumThe hair growth serum is dermatologically tested and easily tolerated. It is free of dyes, parabens, does not stick and leaves no unpleasant residue on the skin.

The container contains 50 ml and the serum lasts for3-4 months, depending on how large the areas are that are to be treated. It should be noted that the hair of the head requires significantly more time for regeneration and consolidation than, for example, eyelash hair, which is why a treatment period of one to two years is to be expected.

But patience will be rewarded: with daily, consistent application you will experience a noticeable and visible improvement in the quality, length and density of your hair.


The DeLuxeHair ADVANCED hair growth serum is to be applied daily with a pipette to the areas to be treated and gently rubbed in the scalp with the fingertips. The serum should not be used immediately before or after shampooing.

It is best to use a microneedling roller to massage the serum. It promotes the uptake of growth serum in the scalp and stimulates collagen regeneration.

Accompanying this with the use of DeLuxeHair capsules may increase your hair growth results even more.

DeLuxeHair hair growth capsules   DeLuxeHair Kapseln

True to the motto “beauty comes from within”, the DeLuxeHair capsules form the ideal supplement to the DeLuxeHair ADVANCED growth serum. The capsules are purely vegetable and contain the main active ingredient fenugreek, biotin, zinc, copper, selenium and folic acid.

The highly effective and 99% pure fenugreek stops the hair loss immediately. Hair already formed by the hair growth serum is additionally fortified. Thanks to its ingredients, the capsules are also extremely beneficial for the skin and nails.


The package contains 120 capsules and ranges from 2-4 months depending on the daily requirement. In case of acute hair loss, 1 capsule should be taken each morning and evening. Otherwise, it is sufficient to take one capsule daily.

Please do not take the capsules on an empty stomach.

DeLuxeHair microneedling roller

DeLuxeHair RollerThe microneedling roller consists of 540 little needles of the finest surgical steel, each with a length of 0.25mm. It is easy and safe to apply by rolling it several times in different directions and without any pressure over the surface that is to be treated. That way the absorption of the active ingredients contained in the hair serum is significantly improved.


Of course, the roller can also be used in the facial area, for example, to improve the uptake of the facial serum in the facial skin and the collagen regeneration.

Please disinfect the microneedling roller regularly.

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