Sugaring - Skin like velvet & silk, glamorous eyelashes, full hair or even gentle lifting using fine silk threads without needles & surgery - this and much more is Hala Schekar®

"True beauty ist timeless." - Marilyn Monroe

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Thank you for your interest in our products for a naturally groomed appearance and an attractive look.

Hala Schekar means “sweet sugar” in Arabic, which is exactly how the company’s success story began in 2006: It all started with the vision of developing an old oriental recipe for sugar paste into an innovative product for gentle hair removal.

The result is a system of sugar paste and enzymes for permanent hair growth reduction. With highly effective, natural and nourishing products, we ensure effective and gentle hair removal and perfect skin texture – as sweet as sugar and as soft as velvet.

As an attractive appearance not only includes smooth skin, but also long, thick eyelashes, full, shiny hair and a natural tan, we have been continuously expanding our range with selected products since 2010. With DeLuxeLash ADVANCED, DeLuxeHair ADVANCED, DeLuxeSun and DeLuxeAge, we offer high-quality product lines produced in-house for strong, healthy eyelashes and hair as well as for glowing skin.


As hair removal with sugar paste not only depends on the high quality of the sugar paste, but also on its correct handling, we offer training classes in which professionals (and those who want to become professionals) can learn the special sugaring technique.

We are also a certified training center for the use of the luxury PlasmaLiner, a pen specially developed for professional anti-aging treatment. The plasma pen enables facelifts, eyelid lifts, wrinkle treatments etc. without surgical procedures and the associated risks and side effects.

Since 2022, we have expanded our training program to include the innovative DeLuxeAge silk thread lift and offer both online and face-to-face training at our various training locations.

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