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Since 2006, we have been training professionals from various sectors of the beauty industry in sugaring, in the method of hair removal with sugar paste and enzymes for permanent hair growth reduction.

Since 2017, we have also been a certified training center for the professional use of the Luxus PlasmaLiner, a skin tightening and blemish removal pen specially developed for anti-aging treatment.

Even when it comes to training for sales promotion and new customer acquisition and the successful use of press and public relations as well as classic advertising, you are right with us. With Hannelore Vohs-Skrabek, we have a PR professional in the beauty industry at your side who will intensively work with you on only one training day on how to increase your company’s success.

Our training center is located in Höhenrain / Berg at Starnberger See. Sugaring courses are offered in Germany but also in many other places. Our current training dates and locations can be viewed on our website. Of course you can also phone or contact us by e-mail for more information about our training sessions.

If you are interested in a studio training, just contact us! We are happy to come to you and train you on your site.

Our trainers are looking forward to seeing you!


in Berg / Höhenrain at Lake Starnberg or also directly in your studio

in Bedburg near Colone and Heppenheim near Frankfurt

in Nürnberg

in Nürnberg

in Stuttgart

in Leipzig, Lübbenau and Hamburg

in Wandlitz near Berlin


in Berg / Höhenrain at lake Starnberger See

Sales promotion

in Berg / Höhenrain at lake Starnberger See

Dagmar Schwab und Karin Diehl

in Berg / Höhenrain am Starnberger See oder auch gerne direkt in Ihrem Studio

Andreas Schöpke

in Bedburg bei Köln und Heppenheim bei Frankfurt

Kerstin Swoboda

in Nürnberg

Renate Seuberth

in Nürnberg

Sybille Ganter

in Stuttgart

Maxi Riemer

in Leipzig, Lübbenau und Hamburg

Franziska Baier

in Wandlitz bei Berlin


Dagmar Schwab

in Berg / Höhenrain am Starnberger See


Hannelore Vohs-Skrabek

in Berg / Höhenrain am Starnberger See


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