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Luxus PlasmaLiner

Luxus PlasmaLiner

Plasma technology – wrinkle reduction without Botox

Facelifting, eyelid tightening, wrinkle treatment & Co. were conceivable for a long time only by means of surgical interventions with the associated risks and side effects. There is now a much gentler and safer alternative – the Luxus PlasmaLiner.

The use of plasma in aesthetic cosmetics is revolutionary, groundbreaking and relatively new in the field of aesthetic cosmetics. Doctors and naturopaths have been working with medical devices based on plasma technology for a few years now. During this time, it was reserved exclusively for this group.

The Luxus PlasmaLiner has been specially developed for the cosmetics sector and is therefore not a medical device. As a cosmetic device, the pen works very gently and is used for professional cosmetic skin treatment. This way beauticians can perform this wonderful process now.

In our training courses you will learn all about the sensational use of plasma technology and the safe handling of the Luxus PlasmaLiner, a pen specially developed for professional anti-aging treatment.

Luxus PlasmaLiner




Advantages of Plasma treatment vs. surgery:

  • no anesthesia
  • no cut
  • without scalpel
  • no strings
  • no scars
  • no hematomas
  • no allergic reactions
  • non-invasive
  • fast healing
  • can not be “overcorrected”
  • no long downtime

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Luxus PlasmaLiner


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