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Course: Sales Promotion

New customer acquisition and sales training with Hannelore Vohs-Skrabek

Motto: “I want – I can“

Only people who talk can be helped …


Hannelore Vohs-Skrabek has been active as a PR consultant in the beauty industry for more than 25 years. She is very familiar with all their problems, special features and market requirements.

In this seminar, she will work with you to create a “shopping cart with instruments and sales rules” and in the end you will take part in what suits you, your personality, your business and your goals!




New customer acquisition:

Participant-oriented and effective, we discuss and work not only the classical instruments of the acquisition of new customers and customer loyalty, but we also add new ones individually in group exercises.

From self-acceptance to confident self-assurance in customer contact:

The competitive pressure and customer requirements in the beauty industry are increasing and increasing … Your personality is gaining importance. Top salespeople know this and use this for their success. Self-acceptance and consequent self-assurance are the basis for a competent impression.


Self motivation and ambition:

Successful selling is a matter of attitude. What are “self-fulfilling prophecies” all about?


Understand your customers with their requirements and decision-making processes. Establish trust in difficult customers.

You need to recognize / understand the customer’s thinking and decision-making process. A sales talk adapted to your customer’s needs guarantees success: Do your customers feel understood?



Your individual approach in is recognized and strengthened in practice training. The practice of the sales strategies themselves as well as a practical discussion between the sales training modules lead you to the goal.

Look forward to approx. 7 hours of active and exciting training!

Costs: 249.00 Euro net

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