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Sugaring Skin like velvet and silk
Sugaring Skin like velvet and silk

Sugaring by Hala Schekar

Gentle hair removal with sugar paste from Hala Schekar

Even the ancient Egyptians knew the nourishing and antiseptic properties of sugar and used a mixture of sugar, water and lemon for cosmetic purposes with which they gently removed annoying hair on the whole body. Sugaring, the hair removal with oriental sugar paste, is not a novel trend, but rather a return to the use of traditional recipes and techniques. For a good reason as there are a lot of advantages to hair removal with Hala Schekar sugar paste:

  • Use of a 100% natural product
  • Gentle to the skin, hygienic, disinfecting and nourishing
  • Almost painless, since the hair is removed in the direction of the hair growth direction
  • No hair breakage, no ingrown hair
  • Successful application in all body regions even with very short hair
  • No residues from body temperature, water-soluble paste on the skin
  • Also applicable with psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and spider veins
  • Economical, due to low material consumption

Sugaring Methode

Permanent hair growth reduction with natural enzymes

In order to sustainably reduce the hair growth, it is advisable to apply the enzyme gel developed by Hala Schekar on the treated skin areas in addition to and immediately after the sugaring. The gel penetrates the opened hair shaft to the hair follicle, splits the protein structures required for hair growth and ensures with regular use that the hair cells disappear gradually.

Sugaring methods

Flick technique – apply, remove, ready

The application of the Hala Schekar sugar paste is simple and uncomplicated: the sweet paste is applied slowly and counter to the direction of hair growth and removed by means of a special hand technique, the so-called flick technique, in the growth direction of the hair.

To achieve a perfect and sustainable result, it requires some tricks and practice. Under the guidance of experienced professionals and in addition to the required theoretical background, you will receive practical training allowing you to master and use the special sugaring technique immediately after completing your certified training.

Spatula technique

Hala Schekar sugar paste is also available in a very soft consistency. It can be removed directly from the can and applied thinly on the parts of the body with the help of a spatula. Afterwards the sugar paste will be removed in the direction of hair growth by means of fleece strips.

Roll-on technology

The sugar paste is also available in cartridges to be applied to the body regions to be depilated by means of the roll-on technique: in special roll-on hand tools, the paste is brought to temperature. Afterwards the paste will be applied to the body parts with reusable roll-on attachments, which are available in three different sizes. The paste needs to be rolled thinly on the body part in the hair growth direction. Subsequently, the paste is removed by means of fleece strips in the direction of hair growth.

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