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Hala Schekar – Hair removal with a system

With a unique technique of hair removal with sugar paste, you can adapt your treatment offer to the current standard of many institutes in Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, the Eastern European countries and the USA / Canada. Already in some of these countries, sugar has been so successful that it has pushed other hair removal methods out of the market.

The enthusiasm for this is easily explained: The treatment with sugar paste is …

  • Clean, hygienic and disinfectant
  • Almost pain-free, since long, short, dark, light, thin or thick hairs are removed in the direction of growth
  • Long lasting, because hair hardly breaks
  • Pleasant to the user, since no residues remain on the skin and the paste is water-soluble
  • The method can also be used with psoriasis, neurodermatitis and spider veins
  • Efficient, since very little material is required

Round-up – it’s fun to work and to have satisfied customers!

The treatment possibilities include not only hair removal in all regions, but also targeted cosmetic applications for acne, cellulite and medical applications (skin doctors / naturopaths). It quickly causes a skin image improvement and tissue detoxification.

Interested? Let yourself be trained and inspire your customers with velvety soft skin that is as sweet as sugar.

‘Sugaring – the application’

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