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The Training Academy

Private atmosphere

Our training center is located on the east bank of Lake Starnberg in Berg. In a stylish ambience, you will find professionally equipped workstations for up to 10 participants. Thus, in small groups, practice-oriented, intensive work is possible.

For everyone who wants more

Since June 2006, we have been training beauticians, podiatrists, nail designers and depilatories to professionals of hair removal with sugar paste and enzymes for permanent hair growth reduction.

The expenses for the training courses can be subsidized up to 50 percent. For that you are going to need “Prämiengutscheine” (“premium vouchers”, handed out nationwide) or “Bildungsschecks” (“educational checks”, North Rhine-Westphalia).
Hala Schekar Schulung, Theorie Haarwuchs, Haarentfernung, Seminar, Sugaring, Zuckern, Zuckerpaste, Dagmar Schwab Schulung Hala Schekar, Sugaring, Seminar, Haarentfernung, Praxistraining, Zuckern, Zuckerpaste, Dagmar Schwab Schulung, Hala Schekar, Zuckerpaste, Sugaring, Haarentfernung, Zuckern, Dagmar Schwab

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